A good friend invited me to her St Louis Harmony Chorus concert. I totally fell in love and when I told her it was something I had always dreamed of doing she invited me to a rehearsal. It was daunting at first. I wasn’t sure I was good enough to try out. Several members encouraged me and I eventually made it. I have loved being a part of SLHC. New friendships, wonderful memories, the feeling of winning in a competition, great music and FUN!  I joined at 59. Don’t let anything hold you back from trying something you will love. 


I had just moved to St. Louis from New York in 2014 for work. I have always loved singing and was a nusiance at my desk where I would hum all day long. A co-worker who sings with Ambassadors of Harmony gave me the SLHC business card. I checked it out and enjoyed the first rehearsal. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. The friendships I've built through the chorus are very important to how comfortable I am living so far away from my family. When you move from the East Coast to the Midwest, you lose your natural support group. The women in this chorus are incredibly supportive and helpful and I know I can count on them outside of rehearsals to help me through anything.


Small group with a big heart! I felt welcome from the moment I met the first member. I've also enjoyed learning new things about the barbershop style, how to implement them to my own voice, as well as share my own musical and vocal knowledge and experiences. What a fun adventure!


I had never sung for an audience before I joined St. Louis Harmony, but it looked and sounded like so much fun that I had to try. Now I get to sing with a great group of women every Tuesday night, and I’m getting better and better at something I never thought I could do.


When I moved to St. Louis, I wanted to find somewhere to sing and find people with similar interests. I found St. Louis Harmony Chorus online and went to their rehearsals. I found a great group of women who have helped me build my skills as a singer, but also helped me build my confidence level. I also have an amazing connection with women from all ages who I feel like apart of a family.


Rachael (a current member) had just moved to my neighborhood and we became friends rather quickly. She encouraged me to come to a rehearsal so I did out of pure curiosity. Being in a musical space again made me realize how much I miss creating music. Although my vocal background isn't extensive, the chorus members have made me feel comfortable and confident that what I can do with a saxophone has a correlation to using  my vocals.


I joined the chorus after college for the fun and applause... I'm still singing with St. Louis Harmony for the self-satisfaction and pure joy of singing, performing and teaching barbershop harmony.


I have been a singer for all of my life and for many years enjoyed singing classical music in my church choir. But I also love the challenges and learning new things. In the 2.5 years I have been singing with the chorus, I have learned so much about music...ringing chords, harmonizing, using all the body parts that contribute to good sound; the power of listening to one another and singing as one multi-colored voice. Barbershop singing is truly a unique style of performance. I also enjoy the camaraderie of harmonizing with a great group of sisters!! 

Empowering women and their love of song. We are of all ages and walks of life, and have been dazzling audiences by ringing chords in four-part barbershop harmony since 1961!


Email: connect@stlharmony.org

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