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The purpose of this website is to inform and educate communities of our organization, what we do, and how they can be involved with us. This site is the hub of our organization and when a visitor comes to it, we want them to easily find the following:


1. Who we are and what we do

2. How to join us if they would like to

3. Where they can see us perform

4. How to support us if they would like to


The purpose of collecting email addresses is primarily to help us in our search for new members. We will also send our newsletter subscribers updates on rehearsals and performances. If you wish to subscribe or give us your email in any way, we WILL NOT sell it or abuse it. We take your privacy very seriously and greatly appreciate you letting us be in your inbox. We wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize that trust. 

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Empowering women and their love of song. We are of all ages and walks of life, and have been dazzling audiences by ringing chords in four-part barbershop harmony since 1961!


Email: connect@stlharmony.org

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